Master of None: Season 2

Spoilers ahead!

When Master of None came out in the winter of 2015, I was all in.  Aziz is a wonderful comedian; the show balanced heart and comedy perfectly; the supporting cast played their roles perfectly.  The aspect of this show that really made me fall in love with this show was how authentic it felt.  It didn’t go through the typical sitcom tropes.  They also weren’t afraid to reach out into different styles and take a risk.  

Season Two showed that there were no risks not worth taking.  Anything is a playing field if they wanted to play.  The first episode is shot in black and white and is in Italian for more than half of the episode.  His take on modern dating is visionary.  It isn’t something forced and all the people are real.  The episode with the cab driver was amazing to show people’s everyday struggles no matter their setbacks that were dealt to them.  The Thanksgiving episode was great in showing the issues of being a black gay woman with a Christian mother.  Through all of these moving episodes, there were plenty of laughs.  Arnold (Eric Warheimer) kills it as Big Bud providing the perfect mixture of compassion and humor.  

The biggest part of this season was once again Dev looking to cure his loneliness.  After his girlfriend Rachel broke up with him to move to Japan at the end of season 1, Dev went to Italy to learn how to cook.  While at his apprenticeship he became smitten with the engaged Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi).  The real story hits when Fran and Pino, her fiancé, come to New York City for business for a month.  Francesca and Dev spend all their free time together and forge a relationship unlike no other.  They were in love with each other and they shouldn’t be.  When watching this, it’s hard to see in the moment, but Francesca isn’t a good person.  She is using Dev to take her relationship issues away and ignore her problems in life.  She cheats on Pino emotionally and that could be the most devastating thing of all.  She was reluctant to have a physical relationship, but she didn’t love Pino anymore.  She was a new person and NYC Francesca didn’t love Pino.  Perhaps Italy Francesca still does.  

The last scene was purposefully ambiguous.  I personally wasn’t a fan.  They spent all this time building up to something amazing.  Just as you think it’s over, they throw in a twist that lasts for 10 seconds.  The fact that we may never get another season of this show kills me because I’ll never know how everything works out.
Every episode painted a picture with its cinematography.  Every shot not only had purpose, but was gorgeous.  When they go to the museum in upstate New York, it looked like a painting.  Seeing Dev and Fran frolic along the hills made me see what true love feels like.

This season made the viewers think about what happens when fantasy becomes reality.  Not in the sense of unicorns and the Loch Ness Monster, but in the sense that what happens when you’re true love plays out in front of you.  Is it everything you wanted it to be?  Is it everything you need it to be?  Relationships are difficult.  They take a lot of work from both ends.  When one person has an inflated view on a relationship it could lead to an unwanted outcome.  Dev fantasized about being loved and having that feeling come true.  Was Francesca really the one that Dev wanted?  Was she the one, or was she just the next one?  We have seen Dev fall for girls quickly before in the past, but Francesca felt different to us.  That’s why the ending felt so much more heart breaking.

This season was one of the greatest single seasons of television programming since Season 4 of Breaking Bad.  There wasn’t a bad episode and everything was firing on all cylinders.  This show ran me through so many emotions.  From joyous laughter, to heartbreaking tears (no kidding I cried), I was on a roller coaster and loved every second of it.  I might as well give up everything because I will never make anything as good as Aziz Ansari and Allen Yang did this year.  

Master of None (Season 2): 11/10

2 thoughts on “Master of None: Season 2

    1. I went from crying after Fran said “Dev, let me go”; to elation after he saw Rachel on the street and then utter defeat at the end


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