Swiss Army Man

Watching Swiss Army Man last night perplexed me in a way that I still don’t know if I truly liked the movie or not.  
The plot follows Hank (Paul Dano) stranded on a dessert island. As he attempts to commit suicide, he sees a body wash ashore and is able to escape his noose. Through this Hank befriends the magical corpse and names him Manny (Daniel Radcliffe). The two travel the jungle island to escape and try to return home. Hank and Manny’s misadventures leads to a lot of self revelation and I loved that concept of it. I couldn’t get over the fact that we were never truly sure if Manny was actually magical or not or if he was just a fiction of Hanks island delusion. Sometimes I am okay with a mystery to a plot and just picking up in the middle of a persons life. I feel like some backstory to any of their lives would have benefitted my viewing. I didn’t really feel empathetic towards Hank because he really was just a creep the whole time. We don’t know why he is stranded or if he is just a straight up stalker. I need something.

All in all the soundtrack is what really put this movie over the top. The scene where he is building the bus and hut is accompanied by a wonderful score that really paints a vivid scene. The score really helps make this movie seem more magical than it really is and helps transport you into the island jungle.

With some better plot structure and backstory I feel like I would have enjoyed this movie more because Paul Dano really is the most innocent portrayal of characters going these days. He possesses something few can and it’s by making you feel for his characters in times you probably shouldn’t.

Swiss Army Man: 7.4/10
Erich’s next movie: The Raid 2

After how much he loved the Raid: Redemption, Erich might actually lose his mind with The Raid 2. It fixes all the flaws the first one had and capitalizes on its strengths. Easily one of the greatest action movies of all time and an all time great Asian film

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