David Fincher is interesting to me.  I haven’t seen many of his movies prior to this, but the ones I have seen I loved.  The Social Network is one of the greatest movies in the past 20 years.  Truly revolutionary.  I knew Zodiac was different.  It was a procedural drama and slightly noir-ish.  

This story is so interesting to me because it has the mystery built in itself.  The murders have never been solved and likely never will be.  I appreciate Fincher not creating a solving for this case and really telling it how it was.  

Instead of focusing on the crimes and investigations, the film spent most of the time showcasing how those affected by the murders psyche was put to the test.  Between relocations, occupation changes and divorces, those attached to the Zodiac Killer case put everything they had into it with complete failure.  Every lead they had was a dead end.  This taxing failure would crumble any normal man, but Gyllenhall, Downey Jr. and Ruffallo all portrayed their characters with the utmost strength and perseverance.

The only thing I did not enjoy was how long this movie was.  There was a lot of filler I felt that could have been taken out without ruining the story or character development.  Two hours and forty minutes is a long time with no conclusive closure.

John Caroll Lynch plays the prime suspect and is one of the most frightening actors working.  His work in this is bone chilling and if you liked him in this, watch him in The Invitation.  This movie is on Netflix, comes in around 90 minutes and is a whirlwind of a psycho-thriller.

All in all, Robert Downey Jr. was the star and Anthony Green was one of the most integral roles.  His ability to play the voice of reason does not go unnoticed.  I would love to see Anthony in more movies because he is a wonderful performer 

Zodiac: 8.2/10
Erich’s Next Movie: The Raid

A Korean action/cop movie that is revolutionary.  This is amazing, but the sequel blows it away.  Can’t watch Raid 2 without the first one!

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