Brockmire (IFC Show)

IFC has been AMC’s younger brother in the past years when it comes to original programming, but that’s not always a bad thing. While they get overshadowed by The Walking Dead, Preacher and Comic Book Men; IFC has worked hard at making sure they are putting out fun and original shows that stray the beaten path. Which leads me to Brockmire, IFC’s newest comedy.

Brockmire (Hank Azaria) is a show about a baseball commentator who has an emotional and mental breakdown live on air. This leads to him disappearing from all American sports and going to Asia to announce cock fighting. He comes back to the states to start his baseball career anew with the Morristown Frackers, owned by Amanda Peet.  

This show is so irreverent and filled with so many jokes they hardly stop coming. I had to rewind a few times from laughing out loud, which is not a common activity with me. Most times I can acknowledge that something is funny, but rarely actually laugh out loud. Brockmire is filled with jokes that made me audibly laugh.

The show was created and developed by Azaria himself who portrayed this character years ago for a skit.  He loved baseball so much that he decided to write a pilot for this character.  

The episodes are short as well at around 22 minutes, it makes consecutive viewing easy and fun. It helps build the story and throw yourself into the trashy Morristown, PA.

There are only 2 episodes left this season and I suggest you get caught up so you can watch the last two live. This show will be a sleeper hit and I hope that it gets brought back for a second season.
Brockmire: 8.6/10

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