Career Suicide Preview

Tonight on HBO at 10:00, a new comedy special will be premiering. Career Suicide by Chris Gethard is produced Judd Apatow and is adapted from his off Broadway show. Career Suicide deals with Gethard’s love for comedy while dealing with mental health issues. I saw it back in October in New York and it was absolutely fantastic. For those nkt familiar with Chris Gethard, I wanted to make a list of some of his greatest hits across all mediums.  

You Made It Weird

This episode is great because Pete Holmes and Chris have a great history (Chris was Pete’s improv teacher at UCB) and they talk about Chris’ job at the magazine Weird NJ
The Chris Gethard Show (Fusion)

Widely heralded as the best hour of television in 2016, TCGS had a dumpster on set and callers could call in and guess what was inside. Guests Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas brought the chaos from the Public Access years and made for a special surprise at the end
The Chris Gethard Show (Public Access)

A little more hectic and weird, this episode is one of my favorites. Bobby Moynihan has to watch several beloved toys and collectible get smashed in front of his eyes. All around fun and great laughs here

This is a random video from a YouTube show Chris was a guest on around the holiday season and his goal to make the show as sad as possible is ingenious. When he talks about his cousin dying, he does it in a way that makes it okay to laugh at.  This is a great example of Chris making something terrible and sad hilarious like he does in Career Suicide.  Truly worth checking out
Make sure to watch Career Suicide tonight at 10 on HBO and let me know what you think of it!

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