The End of the Tour (2015) Review

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what this movie was about when Kyle gave it to me. Like I was really going in cold. So to my surprise when I started watching, the magical A24 logo came up and I immediately got giddy and happy to realize that I was getting into something that had a really big chance of being great. So was it? Of course it was.

The End of the Tour is based on David Lipsky’s award-winning memoir Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself and follows Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) on a five day journey with David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) following Wallace’s recent novel’s release and the final stop on the novel’s book tour. At first, it is strictly an interviewer/interviewee relationship or at least it seems that way to Lipsky. But as these two men spend more time together, a palpable tension begins as Lipsky tries to pry deeper into the psyche of this brilliant author.


This movie was deep. As you start to learn more about Wallace’s past, you see a man who no matter how successful he has become, doesn’t want to feel like he is striving for this success. The reason this movie made such a deep connection with me was the best part of the movie, Jason Segel. Every now and again in film, you get a performance so amazing and so well done that the actor disappears and all you see is the character. I did not see Jason Segel in this film. I saw David Foster Wallace and I may only ever see David Foster Wallace ever again. Seriously, it’s a fantastic portrayal of a man truly struggling with something deep inside that no amount of success can fix. Jesse Eisenberg is also really good in this film but is just outshines by Segel’s performance. What is so great is the chemistry these two have on screen together. Being that this movie relies heavily on these two just having conversations, I was so invested in each thing these characters said and the back and forth moments.


The way the film deals with mental illness is truly well done. Wallace’s internal fight isn’t in your face but you can see as David Lipsky sees that Wallace is struggling with something and eventually when it is let onto the viewer, you feel so heartbroken for this man who is so talented but can’t fight the feeling.

The End of the Tour is another A24 marvel that has a show-stopping performance from Jason Segel and deals with mental health in such a beautiful and heartbreaking way that I just applaud it. Go watch this movie.


Grade: A


Kyle’s Next Movie

Zodiac (2007)


Zodiac, in my honest opinion, is David Fincher’s best film and has the best tension-building, scariest scene in a film I’ve ever seen, the Zodiac Killer is one of the most interesting and perplexing mysteries of the 20th century and this film further fuels the speculation of who truly was this killer. I love this movie, it’s one of my favorites ever and have a great time with this one.

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