The Matrix

The Matrix is, one amongst many, classic films that I have not seen.  I was very happy that Erich gave it to me, albeit nervous.  I had just watched Ghost in the Shell, which I did not enjoy and Erich said that this was a similar movie.  My stomach fell to the ground when I read that.  I really wanted to like this movie, but seeing that made me have all of these preconceived notions about a movie I hadn’t even searched for yet.

I was surprised.

The Matrix was something else.  It had flaws, yes, but it had so much more.  Neo is such an interesting character.  He is very reminiscent of Ram Dass, whom I love.  He is such an inspirational figure in my life, and seeing Neo’s journey so similar to Baba, made me love this movie.  Neo was forced to make choices.  Everything was black or white (red and blue… ba dum tsssssss) and he felt like he had no other options.  After he met with the Oracle (Maharaji in Ram Dass’ case) he felt renewed.  His life had more options and he became more clear.  I was happy for Neo, just as I was for Ram Dass.

The visual effects, were a bit weak, but it gets a pass as it is almost 18 years old.  I would love to see what it would look like if this movie was made today, and were given today’s technology.  My biggest gripe however was the overuse of filming techniques.  Yes this was the first time that “bullet time” was used so they could have a field day, but it seemed a bit much.  The other shot they used too much were reflection shots.  Whether they were through glasses, mirrors or computers, it was a bit much and took me out of the scene after the fifth time.


One of the best parts was seeing Joey Pants.  I didn’t even recognize him and he played his character perfectly.  That is what Joey Pants does best, he plays the slimy heel.  I will definitely be watching the next two, even though I hear they are not as good.

If you really love The Matrix, my suggestion would be to pick up the book Be Here Now by Ram Dass.  I feel like I explained why above, but it is a great book and an easy read.  You never know, it may change how you look at things as it did mine.

The Matrix: 8.8/10

Erich’s Next Movie: The Man Of Tai Chi


This month I will be giving Erich foreign films, so why not start with a fun one!  Keanu Reeves directed this movie that got me into asian cinema and kung fu movies.  Great story and some of the best fight scenes.  Also Keanu Reeves is amazing in this.  Really takes everything he does well and capitalizes on it.  While this will not live up to movies coming up later in May fight wise, this one is a good primer.

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