Big Little Lies recap

I just finished Big Little Lies and I wanted to write about it, but don’t want to do a full fledged review.  So here is a recap and some stray thoughts I had.

This show is awesome.  I wasn’t drawn in for the first 3 episodes or so because I wasn’t sure what it was building to.  Obviously the climax was going to be a murder but there was something else that was going on and I couldn’t figure it out.  It had a sense of Mullholand Drive where everyone on the surface is oerfect, but digging down below, they are far from it.  

BLL also turned me into a fan of every single actress in the show.  I can honestly say I wasn’t a fan of any of them, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern tied for the most likeable, but after this show, I hope they all take more interesting roles and really branch out.  They showed they have the capabilities of being tremendous, follow through.

The cinematography was truly fantastic.  It is something that HBO shows generally excel at and this was no exception.  Between the shots on the beach or the great scenery while driving.  This was a showcase for all film nerds.  The color coordination was also well done.  If you like to pay attention to scenery and set design as much as I do, the costumes and rooms, are truly well done and make the show that much better.

Laura Dern’s character arc was the best written in a long time.  She went from a stuck up bitch, to a sympathetic, frazzled woman.  I don’t know many other actress that could have pulled that off.  Truly a great turn around from episode 1 to episode 7.

The twist at the end was something we as viewers should have seen coming because it was in our faces the whole time, but I doubt many did.  That’s the beauty of a twist.  If you can hide something in plain sight, it makes the reveal that much more jaw dropping.  It’s the equivalent of having Bruce Willis dead the whole time in Six Sense.  It’s best when you hate yourself for not seeing it the whole time.

I hope this show catches on come awards season, because it was fan-freaking-tastic.  Also, please don’t make a sequel.  Something’s are best left alone.

Big Little Lies: 8.6/10

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