Shin Godzilla

This is a movie that I have been waiting to watch for a very long time and I was not disappointed.  I am a big fan of old school monster movies and godzilla is my clear cut number one.  When I hear that there was going to be a japanese reboot of this series, i was elated.

Shin Godzilla was the highly coveted return to Japan for Godzilla movies.  This movie is the gold standard for modern action movies let alone monster flicks.  As a viewer we get the joy of seeing a badass Godzilla and he is on screen for a lot of the film.  This movie also incorporates a lot of good humor, such as the conferences and meetings always being moved around from different locations and having a meeting right after each other.  It is handled in a subtle way that I could see Mike Judge being involved with.  Shin Godzilla also does a great job delving into foreign relations between the United States and Japan and really doesn’t feel like it is a political movie.  Seeing things from an honest Japanese point of view is great and a nice breathe of fresh air.

Most importantly we get the greatest monster in cinematic history (sorry King Kong), in a modern setting with modern CGI.  At first the monster looks cartoony and terrible, but when you realize that it is evolving from a fish, it really is what a nuclear-infused fish would look like.  Once Gojira evolves further, it is everything you could possibly want.  The theme hits and then you know that you are in trouble.  The score in this is perfect as well.  It blends the classic Gojira theme with more modern and ramped up music that makes the attack scenes that much more intense.


Godzilla is one of the most refreshing characters in movies because when it is done well, it is amazing.  The creature does not have feelings, it just destroys because it has to.  The feelings come from the citizens of Japan and how they react.  Without a great story, Godzilla is nothing.  Luckily Shin Godzilla had such a fantastic story and realistic dialogue, it kept me wanting more and more.

If you do not mind quick subtitles in your films, this movie is an absolute must.  A great summertime movie and with the weather starting to break, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to watch

Shin Godzilla: 9.6/10

3 thoughts on “Shin Godzilla

    1. Yeah it’s worth every minute. Like I said the first time you see Gojira, it’s under whelming, but worth it for the big pay off


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