Actors and Actresses that could use a career revival

When actors start off strong in their careers and then slide into oblivion, there is nothing better than them having a great comeback.  Whether it be John Travolta, Robert Downey Jr., Drew Barrymore or Matthew McConaughey, everyone likes a good comeback story. There is a new wave of actors and actresses that are due for a good comeback and make a run at a career revival.  For the record, there is a difference between someone not taking a lot of roles and being out of sight, and performers taking lots of roles and missing on all of them.   This article will focus on the latter.

Hilary Swank


I am a fan of Hilary Swank and I will be the first to admit that she has never been the greatest performer in the world.  She hasn’t a serious movie since The Freedom Writers, which was just a stereotypical teacher movie.  Her last real hit was Million Dollar Baby in 2004.  She has several projects coming up, but none of them really look like heavy hitters. I hope to see Hilary make a run at the Academy Awards again in the near future

Ellen Page


Ellen Page is an interesting person.  She Started off very strong with a role in the X-Men franchise and followed it with her breakout hit, Juno.  Since then she was in Inception… and that’s about it.  She is also going to be starring in the Flatliners remake, so maybe that will spark something for her.  She was in a movie called Freehold in 2015 with Julianne Moore, but was pushed back so many times that it got lost whenever it finally did get released.  Now that I think about it, I want to check that out this weekend.  Look for a review on that in a bit.

Dennis Quaid


Quaid is one of those guys that is in a lot of stuff but tends to get lost in the sauce.  I really like his stuff, but feel like he still has a few great years to get some awesome stuff out of him.  He is constantly working but his most prolific work in a while was A Dog’s Purpose and no one even cared that he was in it.  The most publicity that movie got was alleged dog abuse, which turned out to be complete false.

Kevin Smith


Okay this one is kind of cheating because he is mainly a writer/director.  Smith is one of my all time favorites and he has even put out some great movies recently (Tusk, Red State), but he has been smoking A LOT of weed and I feel like it his hindering his ability to be one of the greats in this generation.  He has the mind to really put out something special like he did with Clerks, Dogma and Chasing Amy.  Smith claims that he does not care if his movies are good or bad, but just wants to have fun.  Kevin, that’s fine.  Just put the pipe down for like a month and give us something great.  We need it.

If you think I left anyone off this list and have suggestions, feel free to comment below!


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