Enemy (2014)

Enemy is a mind trip that has left me confused me for the first time since I watched one of my all time favorites, Coherence.  It is a mind bending movie that will leave you with more questions than answers.  We follow Jake Gyllenhaal as a history teacher who finds his doppelganger in a movie as an actor.  The film then travels down a hole leaving you clueless as to what is happening for pretty much the whole time.

To avoid spoilers I will just speak about how great this movie is for people who love mind bending thrillers as I do.  Denis Villenueve is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors and has not put out anything that I have not enjoyed yet.  Between Prisoners, Sicario and Arrival, all of his films have been in the top 5 favorites of that year.  He is constantly working and putting his mark onto several different genres.  Up next he is working on the Blade Runner sequel which I do not have much interest in, but will go see because I appreciate Denis’ work so much.


Prisoners is the perfect movie to really delve into the layers that go into a movie.  There is a lot more than what is presented on screen and really deals with the mind and psyche of a man going through a huge life change.  Jake has been playing damaged people a lot lately and I could not be more grateful because he plays the roles honestly and puts time into the research to make sure it is not a parody of a mental disorder.

Enemy was an interesting movie and I will definitely be watching again, just so I can really analyze this and look for more clues.  What I did not enjoy was the dark tones on screen.  Watching this in the daytime was an issue, due to the crazy yellow filter and lack of lighting.



Erich’s Next Movie: The Crucible


One of my favorite pieces of literature was brought to the big screen in 1996 and it stars Daniel Day Lewis and Winona Ryder.  This movie is fantastic because it is a direct adaptation from the play.  They take no liberties and really give you exactly what Arthur Miller intended.  Also daniel Day Lewis delivers one of my all time favorite scenes.


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