The best Late Late Show episode you never heard of

In 2015, the northeast got slammed by a blizzard that shut down most major cities.  During this blizzard, CBS was having guests host the Late Late Show while James Corden got set up in Los Angeles.  The list of hosts include Regis Philbin, Judd Apatow and more.  By far the best host here was actor/comedian/improviser Adam Pally.



CBS has scrubbed the internet of most footage of the episode, but this shrunk down version of the show exists.  It is only missing the commercials, introduction and a great bit about how he got a tattoo of a tree that ended up like a “broccoli penis” during the middle of the blizzard.  Adam Pally enlists his old friend and comedic partner Ben Schwartz as his sidekick to have someone to play off.  There is no one in the audience due to the blizzard and the crew seems to find all of Pally’s bits unbearable.  There is something special with comedians where if they know they are bombing, they can turn it around and find a way to make the bombing a joke and spin it into a special piece of art.  Adam Pally spins masterpiece after masterpiece with this.

His guests include the surprisingly funny NFLer Martellus Bennett, Beth Stern (wife of radio jock Howard Stern) whom adam plays of wonderfully as he ponders why he couldn’t have just gotten Howard on, and finally the always erratic Eric Andre.  The interviews are mindless, but provide a fleeting sense of interest and hopelessness that allow the comedy to flow naturally.

Adam Pally throughout the show complains about how CBS treats him and at first you think it is just a bit about not getting paid or his flight, but at the closing, he may have some valid points.  He was flown out coach, in an aisle seat.  He was not getting paid and made sure you knew about it.  A lot of people see this as cheap and unprofessional, i see it as hilarious comedy.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at?


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