Hello, My Name is Doris

This movie starring Max Greenfield and Sally Fields chronicles the plutonic relationship between a young art executive and an elderly data entry clerk that share in an office.

The lonely Doris, meets John in a packed elevator and immediately starts day dreaming and fantasizing about a romantic relationship with them.  Meanwhile John just sees an interesting person and Doris and befriends her.

This film isn’t anything special but these are my favorite movies ever.  The random small indies that barely get a release and find home on streaming services (Hulu for this one).  I could watch these small indies forever because they are always well shot, tend to find humor in darker situations and have pretty good and honest performances from the actors.  It’s also great looking at the casts and finding these awesome actors and actresses in supporting roles like Natasha Lyonne, Kumail Nanjiani and Richie Somner.  

If you are like me and enjoy all independent dramas and rom coms, this isdefinitely  one of the better ones.  Directed by Michael Showalter of Wet Hot American Summer fame, he finds a way to turn this 90 minute movie go by like a breeze.  7.2/10

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