The Lobster 

The lobster is one of those movies that fits right in my wheelhouse.  Independent, quirky, well written and weird.  And up until the hour mark I was sold that this was an A+ plus movie, but then it all went down hill.

This film follows a man, Colin Farrell, who’s wife just divorced him and he goes to a hotel to find true love or else he will be turned into an animal of his choice… a lobster.  While there he befriends two male habitants of the hotel, John C Reilly and Ben Wishaw.  The former of the two was fantastic and really played an incompetent and heart felt man truly looking for love.  The dead pan acting from all the characters really made this seem like a Bizzaro world they were living in so having John’s character add life really was a nice contrast.  

John C Reilly, Ben Wishaw, Colin Farrell

When the third act hit and Colin Farrell leaves the hotel because it is all a bit much for him, the film starts getting repetitive and boring.  I understand why he left but they could have trimmed so much fat and really kept this an top movie.  

I remember Erich telling me that he felt like the Witch was something out of Stanley Kubrick’s playbook, but after seeing The Lobster, I truly think he may have come back to life to help out on this one.  The framing and cinematography reminds me so much of his work along with the chilling score and odd concept of the movie itself.  This truly was a modern Kubrick film; I just wished that it would have been better.

With all of this the performances were good and I loved how it was shot.  It doesn’t over power how terrible the last act was and for that this gets a 7.8/10

Erich’s next movie:

The One I Love (2014)

This is a weird movie starring Elisabeth Moss and my favorite person in the film industry, and my directing and writing idol, Mark Duplass.  I can’t even say much because it’s a spoiler but dedicate this movie to a dark evening and let yourself into the madness

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