Premature Cancellation: The Crazy Ones

In the second installment of Premature Cancellation, I am reviewing the NBC sitcom The Crazy Ones starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. This was a reader suggestion and a show that I think is pretty much forgotten.

The Crazy ones came out a year before Robin Williams died and is one of the last projects he worked on.  I wish that this wasn’t what he spent his last creative days on.  All of the comedy felt very forced and the relationships were very generic.

The best parts of this show came when Robin worked with Hamish Linklater.  Hamish is a wonderful actor who has been in so much, but never in a leading role.  You may know him as Julia Louis-Dreyfus brother in New Adventures of Old Christine or as a broker in The Big Short.  He is always a pleasure to watch.  The cinematography on this show was also a huge plus to me.  It was shot like a movie and more specifically a Garry Marshall holiday movie like Valentine’s Day.  I mean that in a good way; say what you will about those movies, because they aren’t that great, but they are always shot beautifully and the colors are always well balanced.  While the dialogue and stories may not have been great, it was always visually pleasing to watch

Crazy 1.JPG
This is a little blurry, but really captures the framing and color dynamics that the cinematographer captured here. 

The show had an interesting premise as it followed a father-daughter marketing team in Chicago.  The first few episodes I got a very creepy vibe from SMG and Robin because he would always make odd sexual remarks to his daughter that made me confused on their relationship.  This along with the forced big business feel with a cool office made the whole setting make me feel like I am watching a show instead of being one with the environment.   With this, it being the rating way down and not even the comedic prowess that is Robin Williams can save it.  Don’t get me wrong, this was not the worst show I have ever watched and had it not gotten cancelled, chances are it would have gotten better and they could have done some interesting ideas and company takeovers that would lead to interesting conflicts and dynamics to the group.

The best part of every episode was the bloopers they show at the end because they showed Robin really improvising and cutting loose and that is when he is at his best.  I give the show an A for trying but ultimately the lack of defined relationships and odd writing that tied Robin down gives this show a 0 on the binary scale.

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