Blu-Ray Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Release Date: April 4th

Cost: $19.99 (Amazon)


Rogue One has finally arrived on Blu-Ray and I finally got my hands on it. I absolutely adore Star Wars and will honestly buy every single movie to hit this format, save for the Special Editions that are out now (fingers crossed for the original cuts to be announced this week at Star Wars Celebration). I was super excited to finally pick this up and rewatch it. This movie had a very unique reception when it was released in theaters back in December. People either loved it or hated it. Kyle is just as big of a Star Wars fan and he honestly was really disappointed in it and pretty much disliked it. I on the other hand was really happy with what I saw. I really enjoyed it and thought it was really well shot and well made. Is the movie perfect? No, of course not. The first 30 minutes of the film feel a little too choppy and cut to about 4 planets before the film settles and gets into the main storyline. Also, Saw Gerrera feels like a waste of a character. Besides these flaws, the film is a wild ride. The film is the darkest and grittiest Star Wars movie and that’s something I really thought worked for this movie. The humor was there and really worked, but for the most part, it was a gritty war flick. It’s like Saving Private Ryan but with all the elements of Star Wars you know and love. There are plenty of fun easter eggs and moments to satisfy the fanbase. I really enjoyed this movie and think it’s a well made action movie and holds up upon second viewing. It feels stand-alone while also tying into A New Hope, ultimately fixing the biggest plot hole of the series and I think that’s really commendable.

Grade: B+



The film looks absolutely stunning as all Disney releases do. The colors really pop and each explosion looks blisteringly beautiful. I really had trouble finding any real standouts in terms of flaws.  The CGI looks even more stunning then it did a few months ago in theaters. Each individual piece of debris flies towards the screen and really helps immerse the viewer. Nothing here but pure perfection.

Grade: A+



Again, the film stuns with it’s 7.1 DTS Master track. My surround sound was getting a work out as the film uses it’s master track to the fullest. Especially during the action packed finale, I kept looking over my shoulder as blasters fired, ships exploded and a crazy battle ensued. So, here I am giving another perfect score.

Grade: A+


Bonus Features

This is the weakest part of the Blu-Ray unfortunately. There is a ton of behind of the scenes featurettes, but each one lasts about a a minute and ten so it looks like more then you’re actually getting. Still, there’s enough to entice anyone looking to see how this fim came to be. The coolest feature is definitely a 5 minute featurette that pinpoints every easter egg and connection to the entire universe. Besides that, thats where it stops. For a film that had a ton of reshoots, scenes only shown in the trailer and scenes left on the cutting room floor, it’s almost a crime that we don’t have at least a deleted scene. I am kind of disappointed with the features on here, mostly because the deleted scenes are missing.

Grade: B


Overall, I think this is a Blu-Ray worth picking up, mainly because the film looks and sounds so damn beautiful that I can overlook the lack of special features. I recommend this to Star Wars and Blu-Ray fans alike.

Grade: A-

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