Premature Cancellation: Outsourced

Welcome to a new feature here at Silver Screen Swaps, Premature Cancellation.  This feature will take a look at a show that only had 1 to 2 seasons and was cancelled.  Watching a show back to back to back to back gives a way different experience than watching a show week to week.  I do not like the term “Binge Watching” because it gives off a vibe that you are only watching to fill time.  I watched the cancelled NBC Comedy Outsourced for a purpose.  I wanted to see what was so bad about this show that it got cut after only one season.

I chose outsourced because I was familiar with some of the behind the scenes happenings.  One of my favorite comedians has a great podcast called You Made it Weird and he sat down with his friend and former co worker Patrick Walsh.  These two met in the writers room for Outsourced and have a few great stories about what it is really like being a writer for a show.  It isn’t all that you would expect.  I highly suggest checking it out.  Download it here.


So I was able to watch Outsourced in a short amount of time and at first I thought I was just watching a very basic and ordinary NBC sitcom.  THere was not anything special and no one really stood out to me as a star.  But As the episodes went on they really started to find there groove as a show and the characters started to feel more real and less like caricatures of a person.  They felt like a regular people which is something that the very successful NBC comedies have done well.  They were able to take stars like Alec Baldwin, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Steve Carell and make them characters.  And even though Outsourced did not have any huge names in its cast, they all didn’t feel right.  BUt I think the turnaround episode was the Diwali episode and that is where relationships started to form and the comedy turned from “India is a different culture” jokes into just regular workplace comedy.  Workplace comedy will always play as long as the actors are comfortable and nothing feels forced.

If you are looking for a fun show that gets sneaky fun the later it goes on in the season I would highly suggest Outsourced.  There are really some funny jokes that you would not expect and with this I am starting a new grading scale just for Premature Cancellation. With shows that are so limited and have a high chance that they were not well received by critics or viewers, I am going with a binary score here.  1 means watch it and 0 means it is not worth your time.  It gets straight to the point and makes everything black and white.  If it isn’t a 1, it is a 0.    Outsourced gets a 1

2 thoughts on “Premature Cancellation: Outsourced

  1. I’m going to have to check this out! You should do a feature on “The Crazy Ones” with Robin Williams & Sarah Michelle Gellar. I believe it only had one season before it was officially canceled. I could be wrong tho. It was pretty soon before Robin Williams passed away. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Not sure if it is still streaming, but I dug it when it was on.


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