Batman vs. Superman: Ultimate Edition

The first time I saw anything related to Batman vs. Superman was in February of 2015 at a special release of the official trailer a full day before it premiered.  I was with my friend and we were ecstatic coming out of the theater.  Little did we know upon our exit we would be getting two free tickets to a premiere of the film a full week before its worldwide release.

March 2016 came and it was time for BvS.  The theater was packed but we didn’t care, we were about to see two of our childhood heroes fight each other, plus a rumor of our all time favorite comic book hero, The Flash, to show up.  I was one of the few people to really enjoy this movie even through all of its criticism and hate throughout all of the media.  I thought Ben Affleck did a great job as Bruce Wayne and the story was interesting.  The only thing I didn’t like was how some things felt like they were just thrown together.

That is where the Ultimate Edition comes in; it filled in all of the pieces that I felt were missing or parts that left me wanting more.  They only added 31 minutes back into the movie on this cut, but it really made everything more cohesive and a lot more fun to watch.  As someone who enjoyed the original cut, their is a piece of me who was wondering if this was really necessary and i am not sure if it still is.  I do not mind long movies and I do not mind short movies.  The perfect movie to me, depending on the genre, is either 85 minutes or 235 minutes.  If you are going to do something , do it!  Do not give me a half assed long movie.  If you want to make a superhero epic longer than two hours, go all out and make the most compelling story you can and make it last.

With all of this taken into consideration, i enjoyed the movie, but am not sure if i deem it necessarily great.  Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition gets a 7.7/10

Erich’s Next Movie:

Anomalisa (2015) 


Anomalisa is a stop motion film created by Charlie Kaufman and is simply brilliant and groundbreaking.  This movie started as a blind stage play meaning that there would be nothing on stage but you would hear the dialogue which is so unique.  This film is so heartbreaking and realistic and then you realize that he did it with 3D printed models, is more impressive.  Enjoy this one!

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