The Zookeeper’s Wife

I went into this movie not knowing much except that I like Jessica Chastain and I will watch anything Daniel Bruhl is in.  They did not disappoint.  

This movie takes place in Warsaw, Poland 1939-1945, based on a true story, and follows a family that owns the Warsaw Zoo as they help as many Jews escape from the ghetto to find safety.  Jessica Chastain is the only American performer but you wouldn’t be able to notice.  Her accent and mannerisms were so spot on and she does what every actress should strive for, dissapearing yourself into your role.  A lot of actors and actresses are too often afflicted with a role being Samuel L Jackson playing someone and not being able to be the character.  Chastain had no issues here.  Daniel Bruhl put out a stellar performance once again and he has yet to dissapoint.  He played Hitler’s top Zoologist and you could never tell if he was a zoologist or a Nazi.  When you find out, you know.

I really would suggest watching this because it was truly well shot and had fantastic performance by all.  I wouldn’t  blame you waiting for it on VOD, but as always, I suggest you support independent cinema and tell the studios you want more smaller budget features.

The Zookeeper’s Wife:  8.9/10

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