Kyles Picks 3/31/17

This weekend has the potential to be the best weekend ever.  I have two concerts coming up and then the show of all shows, Wrestlemania!  I will incorporate this in my Picks this week.  If you have any suggestions for me, leave them in the comments!

The Wrestler

Darren Aronofksy’s masterpiece that should have won more awards than it did follows a washed up wrestler trying to hold on to the past.  Watch this on Sunday if you aren’t watching Wrestlemania.  You will be in for an ultimate thrill ride


Vanderpump Rules 

The wedding between Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloni happened on Monday and this week we get the first part of the reunion.  Vanderpump has the most drama and entertainment you will see on television.  It’s the modern day Jersey Shore

Rise or Die Trying – Four Year Strong

Saturday I will be going to the ten year anniversary show for this album.  This was a game changer for me because this was about the time where I found the music that I love and this album helped kick start it, along with For Those Who Have Hope by A Day To Remember 

We Watch Wrestling

A great mix between comedy and wrestling by three LA comedians.  Always guarantees some great laughs and an insight to a normal Los Angeles life while getting back to wrestling 

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