Justice League Trailer Reaction

So, If you’re like me and enjoy superhero films and just comic related things in general, it’s been a roughish road with the DC Cinematic Universe. While Marvel has found their footing and continues to kill it both commercially and critically. The DC side has struggled at both of those things. I’m 2/3 with this universe. I really like Man of Steel and think it does a fantastic job as a stand alone movie while sprinkling in some light world-building. Batman v Superman I also really like… well the real BVS that is. The 3 hour ultimate cut is truly a well made albeit overstuffed piece that really intrigued me for the JL even though it didn’t all work out. Suicide Squad is well, a mediocre attempt to replicate the Marvel formula and make light hearted fun. So this morning, I was greeted to the first official trailer for the DC team-up coming later this year, Justice League. While the fan in me has been dying to see this happen ever since I was a kid, the film fan in me has my excitement in check. So here’s some initial reactions to the trailer

  • I like Ben Affleck’s Batman and it seems like they’re going the route of building him into the hero we know and love which I like
  • Aquaman looks really badass and seems like Jason Momoa really fits the part
  • While I love the Flash tv series, seeing Barry Allen enter the speed force on a film budget is truly something delightful to see
  • The CGI looks really cool in some parts, really overdone in others, particularly in my next point
  • I hate the look of Cyborg
  • The character seems really cool but his outfit looks so blown out with CGI it’s kind of distracting.
  • I like the tone they’re going for, a little campy and cheesy but not too over the top to where it’s not taken seriously
  • Can someone please brighten up this movie, the color grading is so dark, it doesn’t mesh with this more upbeat tone
  • JK Simmons has won me over as Commissioner Gordon in like 5 seconds of screen time in this trailer
  • Aquaman riding the Batmobile’s hood is the standout of this trailer


I’m definitely still excited for this movie and this trailer looked a little better but some of the overdone CGI is a little too much. BVS didn’t bother me because the CGI looked really cool, save for Doomsday but even that looked serviceable. What is gonna do it for me is Wonder Woman and how that is. If Wonder Woman turns out to be a really fun time, I’m gonna be so ready for Justice League. If the opposite happens… well then I fear for this movie and ultimately will probably be done with this universe.

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