Short Term 12 (2013) Review

I’ve been wanting to see Short Term 12 for a while. I really hate that it took me this long to see it because I really dug this movie. Short Term 12 takes place inside a group home where teens with emotional issues go and live to get better. Grace, played wonderfully and tragically by Brie Larson, is the supervisor who begins to connect with a new resident, Jaden (Kaitlyn Dever). While this is all going on, Grace is dealing with her own troubles and eventually they begin to eat at her. This film was just beautifully done and what I really connected with was the realism that the director, Destin Daniel Crestin, portrayed on screen. 

This is the type of movie where acting is put on full display and because everyone is so fantastic here, I found myself really invested into these characters and each individual struggle they dealt with. The obvious standout here is Brie Larson, this role being the one that gained her more recognition for her dramatic ability and got her the role in 2015’s Room that ultimately brought her home the Oscar. I love Brie Larson, I think she’s truly a fantastic actress and this cements that for me because she brought some tears on from how she played this character and the deep troubles she was dealing with. Now that’s not to say everyone else isn’t also fantastic in this film because they are. John Gallagher Jr, who is from the HBO series, The Newsroom (which I still need to watch) and last years 10 Cloverfield Lane, he plays Grace’s boyfriend and fellow worker at the home, Mason. He plays the character with such likability and charisma you just wanna hang out with him and feel like he’s a great guy. Rami Malik is also in this movie who if you read my Until Dawn review, know that he stars in that as well and I thought he played his part very well. Every younger actor played their part fantastically too, especially Kaitlyn Dever, whose character Jaden really hit me hard and the scene where she reads the story she wrote to Grace was absolutely heartbreaking.

The direction of this movie was very well done as Crestin, the director, has a very strong documentary background and that showed throughout. The film has a ton of handheld cam and close ups and I will admit some of the shakiness of the cam got a little overbearing but it was never enough to take me out of the emotional pull of the film. That’s really my only flaw with this movie as all in all it was an emotional and moving film and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have their heartstrings tugged on in each direction. 

Grade: A

Kyle’s next film:

Blair Witch (2016)

While I tried to give Kyle the Adam Wingard directed, You’re Next, I didn’t know he saw it already so this is my second attempt at an Adam Wingard movie and I know he hasn’t seen this one. This being a direct sequel to the 1999 hit movie that started the found footage phenomenon, the sequel is actually really smart and well done and makes the lore of the Blair Witch both really cool to look into and ultimately that much more horrifying. Enjoy! 

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