Kyle’s Picks 3/23/17

Welcome to my first edition of Kyle’s picks! I want to bring some attention to some awesome projects people work on that may not get noticed by the mainstream eyes. So each week I’ll give you something I enjoyed from each medium of media. Enjoy and leave suggestions so I can pick it next week

Coherence (2013)

Coherence is one of the most ingenious movies I’ve ever watched. I have seen this movie around 4-5 times and it gets better with each viewing. I can’t say much about it because it will ruin the movie, but trust me that you’ll lose your mind watching this one. A truly wonderful film that makes you think in ways you didn’t realize you could.  Sit down with your phone turned off and emerse yourself into this dinner date movie and let yourself speculate what’s really going on here


Crashing Season 1

Pete Holmes’ new show has really encapsulated what it means to be a struggling comedian and I find that lifestyle so intriguing. It really does a great job at mixing heart and honesty with deviousness and darkness of the industry. The season is still going on but it did get picked up for a second season and I couldn’t be happier for ol Petey Pants. I’ve been a huge fan of his since I discovered his podcast in around 2012, and him joining up with Judd Apatow really helped him level out his creativity to put out one of the best new shows this year


12 Hour Day with JD and Connor Episode 3

This whole series is for no podcast amateur. It is two comedians who get mic’d up for their day and you follow them around for 12 hours. A full twelve hours. It is seriously funny and great and you really delve into their lives and what made them be the men they are. This show is also a great snapshot of the New York City comedy scene as well as the city itself. They go to local grocery stores and restaurants. They go to parks and even FAO Schwartz. Truly a great time listening to “Test test test Connor” and “Test test test JD”


The Ergs – Dork Rock Cork Rod

The Ergs are a band I found through The Chris Gethard Show and I really brought me back to my pop punk roots. They are filled with emotion and killer riffs that add up to a great sound you can’t believe is a trio. Must listen on this album is Pray for Rain, but please listen to all of it. If you like pop punk, this classic album is one to add to your list

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