Jersey Boys (2014) Review

“SHERRRRY, SHERRY BABY”. I’m not gonna stop humming these songs for at least a month. Jersey Boys is a musical drama film directed by the one, the only, Clint Eastwood and is based on the broadway hit musical that tells the story of Frankie Valli and the musical group, The Four Seasons. When this film came out, it was received very mixed and I was surprised because Clint Eastwood is a fantastic director that has given plenty of Oscar and critical darlings. But this was a bit of a change of pace for him. Take Million Dollar Baby for example, that has one of the most depressing endings ever. So to say I was surprised when I found out he was directing a musical based film is an understatement. I honestly really enjoyed Jersey Boys.

Is it perfect? No, far from it. But there’s a certain charm that had me invested in the film that I couldn’t get over. The script was very quippy and felt very reminiscent of Goodfellas (one of my all time favorites). Even Joe Pesci was a part of Jersey Boys plot which I found very ironic. The film is half gangster film and that part was fun, especially seeing Christopher Walken play a mobster. Walken made for the kindest gangster I’ve ever seen and he played the part brilliantly, although I wish he was in the film more. All the other actors are fantastic. Eastwood cast John Lloyd Young as Frankie Valli, a recast from the musical version and it was brilliant. Young has a phenomenal voice and every time the Four Seasons would begin to sing I was locked in and having a great time. My favorite character had to be Tommy DeVito, played by Vincent Piazza. While Frankie Valli was a good person who cared about family and always tried to do the right thing, DeVito was the snarky, self-centered hot head friend that I found myself laughing and enjoying the most. Playing back to the Goodfellas references, Tommy DeVito felt like a brother of Joe Pesci from Goodfellas and I loved that.

I love the way Eastwood makes a shot and this film doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. Each camera movement is swift. There’s always the perfect amount of head room in every shot. There’s never an out of place shot which is expected with good old Clint. He also uses a lot of gray which can make the film seem somber but here, I think it made the film feel a little more real. Would I have liked La La Land’s bright vibrant colors? Of course! But I think the gray looked the part for this film. Like I said, the film isn’t perfect. Towards the second half, there was a decent amount of jumping around across time and because of this, some of the emotion of a few events didn’t resonate with me. I’d also say the Goodfellas references a few times throughout felt a little too heavy handed, going as far as to even recite lines. However, Jersey Boys music and heart definitely outweigh it’s flaws and gave me a whole lot of fun through its 135 minute runtime. Any fans of good music and good characters, check this one out.


Grade: B



Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)


Well, Kyle, considering this is the third update to the post and third movie I’ve had to go through, I’m giving you Kingsman. This should be a good fun time for you. “Enjoy”.



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