Edge of Tomorrow Review

Finally a movie I really really enjoyed.  It’s been a while (since The VVitch) that I got a movie I was really able to sit back and enjoy without being bored or counting the minutes until it ended.  Edge of Tomorrow was fantastic.

This movie follows a Major in the US Army, Tom Cruise, who has been stripped of his title and relegated to a private who must serve in the field.  There he meets acclaimed war hero, Emily Blunt.  This movie takes a few twists and turns and once you catch on, it makes the movie so much fun to watch.  It was also great seeing Bill Paxton who wasn’t really in much of anything to note in the last part of his life.  

After reading into some of the production details, it really made me appreciate the actors so much more.  The exo-skeleton suits that they wore in battle scenes weighed about 85 pounds and Emily Blumt and Tom Cruise did their own stunts in those suits.  Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

I think my favorite part of this movie was the training scenes where Cruise would have a broken leg and Emily Blunt would just…. restart him.  Watching him predict and just know what was going to happen was fun because we, as the audience, were in on the secret too.  

This is seriously a fun movie and made me have a little faith that not all action movies are exactly the same.  This defied many stereotypes that the common blockbuster action flick tends to stick to.  The leading hero was a female that was just a regular person.  She wasn’t cool because she was a girl, she was cool because she kicked ass.  I would tell anyone that if they don’t like action movies so they strayed away from this; don’t.  This movie was well written and keeps you engaged that I think everyone can enjoy it.  And for that I give Edge of Tomorrow a 9.2/10

Erich’s next movie:

So for Erich’s next movie I gave him a fantastic Indy with Brie Larson, John Gallagher Jr. (!!!) and Rami Malek called Short Term 12.  It follows social workers that care after kids in a rehab/foster home.  It’s a tear jerker and just fantastic.  Enjoy this one bud, I know I did

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