Huge Announcement

Good Morning Everyone!

Erich and I have some great news to announce.  We are officially owners of our domain which means getting to our site will be easier and we are also in the middle of a complete design overhaul.  No need to worry because our content will still be easily readable, but we are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing and challenging layout.  This is exciting for us because we are getting more and more dedicated to putting out content that you will like to read and share.  If you have any suggestions on ideas for some features, please let us know.

And our other big piece of news.  We, as a site, are sponsoring Podswoggle’s annual March Video Game tournament, Marcho Madness!  We are providing the second place prize for the bracket winner.  It will be a $50.00 gift card to or

You can read all about how to enter and where and when to watch the tournament here and here.  The whole Arcade Audio family was instrumental to me for putting together Erich and I’s first piece of content together and has inspired me to grow as a creative person.  They are great folks and have a variety of podcasts and blogs that I cannot recommend enough.  Rich, Mullet, Tope, Auggie, Fake Augie, Whidden and Spencer are great guys and deserve the best that come to them and I hope that this is the first of many partnerships between us.  I hope that this opportunity can help each other grow into two great areas of the internet for everyone to enjoy.


And on that note, look out for more content coming at you shortly.  We are excited to grow as much as you are ready to read.


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