Alien Review

So I’ve had a crazy week but was able to watch Alien last week and much to my surprise I really enjoyed it.  It was filled with great characters and great scares.  One of the main reasons I was apprehensive about watching the movie was because I assumed that it was an action movie and I’m not a huge action guy.  

My MVP of the movie was Tom Skerritt who played the captain of the ship.  He was an absolute star and played his role perfectly.  He will always be Viper to me, but damn was he good here.  And of course no review of the Alien series can be completed without mentioning Sigourney Weaver’s fantastic job as the main hero, Ripley.  Weaver has defied all industry stereotypes by being able to play kick ass roles without being tied down to being an actress and for that, bravo.

Ridley Scott’s directing proves why this movie was able to stand the test of time.  The editing and the mystique of the alien was done perfectly, but I was still found a little bored until about the hour mark.  And for that Alien gets a….


Erich’s Movie: Jersey Boys

I saw this movie when it came out and was enamored by the performances.  I’m a huge Frankie Valli fan and his story is such a fascinating one.  I really think he will enjoy this one.  Also I know erich really likes Clint Eastwood as a director so enjoy!

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