The Intouchables (2012): I Broke First and a New Rule Implimented

So sadly this isn’t going to be a review of Kyle’s much beloved “The Intouchables”. Unfortunately as the week went on, life got progressively more life like and I wasn’t able to plop down and enjoy this film so I, Erich Rayher, am the first on Silver Screen Swaps to put 5 dollars into the pot. I had no idea I’d be the first one to have to lay out 5 dollars. I really thought it’d be Kyle for when I give him a heavily British film and he just can’t take it… which of course will be soon, hope you’re excited Kyle. This of course not being a negative 5 dollars in the pot means that I would have no problem with this film being picked at another time. This brings me to our new rule here on Silver Screen Swaps. Whenever one of us has to add to the pot for whatever reason, the other cannot pick said film for at least one month. Kyle, I do hope you plan on picking the Intouchables again in the future, I do really want to see it but for now, onto the next one!



Next Film Recommendation:

Alien (1979)


An absolute classic of a film and in my top 3 of all time favorite films, “Alien”, which is directed by the wonderful Ridley Scott is a film that any film lover must see at least once. Both immensely immersive and still to this day, extremely tense and horrifying, this film holds up extremely well (gotta love practical effects). I do believe that Kyle, you will greatly enjoy this and hopefully have intrigue to watch the other ones leading up to this years “Alien: Covenant”. I’ve only seen the first two and the spin-off, “Prometheus”. While “Aliens” is an action classic, this is in my opinion, the better film. Enjoy and for anyone else, if you haven’t seen this amazing film, watch right now!

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