Slapshot Review

So Erich gave me a movie very near and dear to his heart this week, Slapshot. For those that don’t know, Erich is a hockey player and even works at an Ice Rink, so I knew this movie would be coming up sooner rather than later.Slapshot came out in 1977 at the when the sport was really growing and getting some steam under its feet in the states. It follows an older veteran player/coach portrayed by Paul Newman and his ragtag team, the Chiefs. The Chiefs organization is going to fold if they do not start winning and selling tickets so Paul Newman is forced to play a different style of hockey. 

What is special about Slapshot that I had to keep reminding myself is that this movie seemed to be revolutionary in its style of writing. Gritty and inspirational sports movies have been around since Rocky and Brian’s Song, but Slapshot took a page from its predecessors (The Longest Yard and Bad News Bears) and took a dark and humorous take on the classic underdog tale. The main thing that makes me a fan of slapshot was its witty and well written script and how all the dialogue felt real. The actor’s did not look like actors because some of them were former hockey players and this all helps the authenticity of the movie when all is said and done.

Random Thoughts:

  • “Anyone throws me against the boards, I’m gonna piss myself”
  • “Hey, are you guys brothers?”
  • Paul Newman looks like if modern Michael Bolton got in a fight 
  • “Ladies and gentleman look at that. Wait, you can’t. I’m on radio”

My major drawback is the fact that it was a two hour long movie that could have been realy fantastic in 85 minutes. I think there were some moments that dragged or felt repetitive and not for the sake of comedy and for that this movie gets a 7.6/10 

Erich’s Next Movie: 

Okay so Erich didn’t watch the Intouchables this week and it kinda pissed me off so here is my revenge. It was just added on HBO Go, American Psycho II: All American Girl. American Psycho is his all time favorite movie and I cannot wait for his take on this sequel to a classic. Enjoy bud!

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