Uncharted: Why I Think A Movie Adaptation Is A Terrible Idea

If any of you read my post, “Video Games: A New Generation of Cinematic Storytelling”, then you know I deeply love video games and the immersation they bring. By reading that post, you would also know that I absolutely adore the Uncharted series. Over the course of the past few years, a movie adaptation has been circulating all over hollywood. Many directors and writers have been attached to the project such as David O Russell (American Hustle), Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty), and Seth Rogen even at one point was tasked with writing before dropping out. Along with these writers/directors, a few stars have been attached to the role of Nathan Drake, most prominently Mark Wahlberg. The project appeared dead until out of nowhere, Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, The Grey, the upcoming Bad Boys sequel) put out an Instagram post that he recently finished the script and that it was extremely badass. Hooray, right? Well over the weekend, some interesting developments surfaced as Neil Druckmann, the game director of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 was tweeted a question about if the film was going to Ben R-rated as Carnahan had said he had written a very R rated script. To I think everybody’s surprise, Druckmann stated he had no idea what the script was like let alone the tone the film was going for because no one at Naughty Dog, the games development studio, has read the script. Druckmann followed up a few days later with a post about Carnahan stating that Naughty Dog really liked the script which is now supposedly untrue. This is not a great start for an already troubled production and frankly unneeded production. Like I stated in my last post, the Uncharted games are basically interactive Indiana Jones movies. So why the need to make a movie out of this? Well obviously we all know the answer, MONEY! This film does not need to be made whatsoever. The biggest thing the Uncharted series brings the player is the fact that they’re acting out these crazy set piece action sequences and they’re the ones propelling the story forward. Now sure, it’s always cool to see really awesome set pieces, just look at the Fast and Furious saga and Mission Impossible movies, they’re built on insane set pieces. Now the Uncharted movie could be fun and serviceable and entertaining but do we really want that? It’s never gonna live up to the games because it’s missing one key thing, the interactive section. There’s never gonna be that 100% immersion factor the games bring and frankly. I had a bit of an idea for my own take on an Uncharted film and I began to write a spec script until I realized…. I’ll never be doing true justice to the source material and I don’t think anyone honestly can. So here’s how this issue gets fixed. First, the obvious one, show Naughty Dog your freaking script Joe Carnahan! You definitely don’t want to have the creators of the thing you’re adapting pissed off at you because more likely then not, you’re going to lose out on this battle. Secondly, don’t make this movie. Take the script and rewrite it as an original story. You have plenty of elements in there from the Uncharted script that could make a really cool action movie. If you keep the huge set pieces and build around that, you have a gold mine of ideas that can develop and create something new without having leaving us Uncharted fans angry, cause if you have noticed, video game movies aren’t necessarily the hottest thing in the world, “cough” Super Mario Bros “cough”. Please Sony, double think this because no matter what you guys put on screen, a majority of the ticket buyers will most likely end up being pissed off by the end of it.



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