Introduction to my Weeklies

I want to use this blog more for more creative pieces and some wrap up pieces. Every Saturday I will write a bunch of quick reviews of what I watched throughout the week. Every Monday around 8:00 AM or so you can expect my Monday Morning Recap, just a general weekend recap of what is going on in the industry so you have something to talk about around the office. I am also currently trying to start a weekly or semi-weekly column where I analyze a movie and try to match it to a specific album that fits the mood as close as possible. As a fan of all music genres, I think this could be something interesting and can add something to your viewing and/or listening experience.So without further ado here is what I watched this week:

The Nice Guys — My review can be found here

Milk (2008)

Milk is such a beautiful film. With the way it is shot combining real life scenes with the actors and Sean Penn’s motivational performance as the first openly gay office holder, Harvey Milk. I tend to be a lot more critical on movies than Erich I believe, yet this movie is easily a 9.2/10

Lego Batman Movie (2017)

I haven’t seen the regular Lego Movie and chances are I will not be seeing it either. This is a great kids movie that parents will enjoy, but I am not a child, nor a parent. This movie was not made for me and it is just another stake in the Batman legacy in my opinion. Full disclosure; I did enjoy Batman v. Superman 6.5/10

Get Out (2017)

This was a cool movie man. Everything that is said, is said and done for a reason. There are few loose ends and if you like cool and interesting psychological thrillers, this movie is for you. I do not want to say too much for the risk of spoilers but it gets an 8.3/10

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