The Nice Guys Review

Alright lets get this one over and done with.
The Nice Guys stunk. It was one of the worst “good” movies I have seen in a while. I hate these kind of movies because the actors and the script always think they are funnier than they really are and it comes off like you are trying to hard. I cannot stand the way Ryan Gosling acted like a cool guy the whole time but was really just a frazzled man that is bad at his job. This movie sucked. I am not even really going to go into a full review because I missed about a half hour at least because it put me to sleep. I hated it and Erich you almost had my $5.00 on this one.  

Like seriously though this movie is so convoluted and not worth my time that Shane Black may never get my eyes on his movies ever again (not that I enjoyed any of his previous movies anyways).
Erich’s Movie:

The Intouchables (2011)

This movie is easily one of my favorites of all time and it is what I consider to be a perfect movie. Also he needs to see this one before the trailer for the American remake lunches so he can get upset by it like I will. Seriously, this is a movie filled with heart, tears and performances done like none other. 

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