The Witch (2016)


Directed: Robert Eggers

I’m gonna lay my cards on the table for this one, I’m a sucker for any piece of art that takes place in america pre-independence.  The horror film The Witch, which happened to win best US Drama at Sundance 2015, had me from the start.  With its combination of classic story telling and great twists and turns, The Witch has everything I love in a film.  

There is a great moment in the film when Thomassin and Caleb are out hunting that I knew I was in for a wild ride.  The way that scene is composed musically and beautifully shot is truly a work of modern art.  If you can combine a well shot scene with amazing score, nothing else matters to me.  One thing the Witch does well is a trait that a lot of modern horror movies fall trap to; they never follow the rules they establish for themselves.  This is never a problem for The Witch and therefor keeps me entertained from the first shot to the last.  

I think this film has the chance to go down as one of the top modern horror movies with its ability to really scare me.  There were scenes there where I was actually nervous and looking around my room to make sure there weren’t any devils trying to enlist me into his cult.  
Final Takeaways:

  • Love the allusions to Kubrick’s The Shining with the Witch changing ages upon physical contact
  • I’m a huge fan of The Crucible (it’s actually one of my favorites of all time) and every time they talk about signing your name in his book, I think of this scene
  • Robert Eggers has made a bunch of short films based on classic short stories and I need to watch them all

Erich’s Next Movie:

Love & Mercy (2015)

This movie is brilliant.  Combines beautiful cinematography, great music (obviously) and just heart wrenching performances.  One of the saddest movies in the past few years.  Enjoy this one folks

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