Erich Rayher: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Movies

I have known Erich since the winter of 2015 when we met in a film class. We clicked pretty early on because we both had ambition and were excited to start making movies. We then started our on radio show turned podcast. We had two iterations of our show, the initial run that was done during the afternoon on Tuesdays and our more popular and more fun Monday evening show. Throughout our friendship being forced to talk to one another for 2 hours every week really grows a relationship into a friendship I have not had before. Yes, we were friends, but we were critical upon one another which was important because we were there to make sure we would grow to our fullest potential. This was important to me because Erich would frequently tell me when to get in line and finish our stuff or tell me to relax we are good. The main thing about our friendship is that we are honest and we see each other as business partners

With this Erich knows my preferences in media more than almost anyone so this is why this challenge is going to be fun. More importantly though, he knows what I despise. Erich gave me The Nice Guys which I have avoided since the trailer dropped last year. There is nothing I hate more in movies than a Guy Ritchie film and the Nice Guys looks exactly like a project Guy Ritchie passed on because he was too busy making another witty gangster movie which no one will actually like but will compliment for its artistic nature and free flowing dialogue. How Guy Ritchie still gets projects made frustrates me more than anything in the world.

Which brings me to my next point. I think Erich might take this blog as an opportunity to just make me as miserable as possible because as soon as hits me with Snatch I will either watch it and write the most utterly disparaging blog ever, or just pay the fund. 

It’s your move Mr. Rayher


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